We are avid mineral collectors who have been field collecting for more than 20 years. Originally from North Carolina, we have collected extensively in the eastern U. S. and Canada. In 2007 we relocated to Colorado in order to more easily access the western half of the country. Some of the specimens we offer were self collected, then cleaned, cataloged and added to our inventory. Others are obtained from old collections or other field collectors. We have firsthand knowledge of many of the locales from which our inventory comes. Our goal is to provide affordable specimens for beginning collectors, as well as more accomplished collectors who may be looking for a particular location piece or unique piece to enhance their collection.

Lori’s particular interest is in pseudomorphs and garnets. She is also very interested in the mining history of the United States, Canada and England. She has acquired an interesting collection of mining paraphernalia, focusing in particular on instruments and items used in the assaying of metallic ores from mines in the western United States.

Daryl has a degree in Geology and is a Licensed Professional Geologist in North Carolina. His particular interest is in the rock-forming minerals and their associated geology in the various regions of the U. S. and Canada.